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Season 2 & 3

Meet The Cast

Photo of Nick Robertson

Nick Robertson

Pronouns: He/Him

Game Master

Nick is a bard who is often surprised by his own stories, and is an unrepentant caffeine addict. He loves teaching people to play tabletop rpgs, and thinks that chandelier swinging is a valid mode of transportation. While his legs do not go on for days, he does enjoy noir stories.  He is also the GM for the Star Wars Actual Play podcast Tabletop Squadron.  Nick currently lives in North Texas with his wife, Cameron, where they are actively attempting to fill their house with books.

Find him on Twitter at @alias58

Kit Adames

Pronouns: She/They

Character: Birdie Foundling

Kit Adames is a full-time student currently studying for a bachelor's degree in theatre, and spends any free time being an avid artist, aspiring voice actor, and sometimes a person. Her love of performing from a young age sparked her interest in TTRPGs about five years ago, and she’s spent countless hours playing Dungeons and Dragons and Blades in the Dark ever since. She enjoys advocating for more representation in the arts through her projects as a Latin/Indigenous lesbian creator, and often does so through her endeavors in writing for Elevator Pitch Podcast, a queer genre-hopping anthology podcast that can be accessed on Spotify and YouTube.

Find her on Twitter at @venusvultures

Photo of Kit Adames
Photo of Cameron Robertson

Cameron Robertson

Pronouns: She/Her

Character: Emma Blackwood

Cameron is a book-hoarding princess who will never stop growing her library. When she's not reading, she loves playing RPGs and board games with friends with an occasional video game tossed in. She is also a player on the Star Wars Actual Play podcast Tabletop Squadron. Cameron currently lives in North Texas with her husband, Nick, their three cats, Loki, Sylvie, and Harley, and their two dogs, Batman and Robin. There may be a naming theme.

Find her on Twitter at @midnightmusic13

Sydney Whittington

Pronouns: She/Her

Character: Cassidy Shard


Sydney’s skills and experience tend towards the written word and written code (in her day job as a computer scientist). In this case, though, her latent passions for voice acting and audio engineering are finally getting a chance to mature. When not working on this show, Sydney really just wants to be climbing things out in nature, with a side of trying not to be bad at video games. She is also a transfemme lesbian, who was male-presenting in early episodes, and she still enjoys making use of that extra vocal range, on occasion. Sydney currently lives in central Texas, with her two cats, Cam and Korra.

Find them on Twitter at @sydney_whitt

Photo of Penn Van Batavia

Penn Van Batavia

Pronouns: She/Faer

Character: Marathon Messenger

Penn has been making and playing TTRPGs since middle school and has recently forayed into publishing her games online. Fae enjoys exploring feelings about her transness through game design and prose. Faer voice work can also be found on Terror and Hate in Mekka Strip, an audio fanfiction. Outside of games, Penn works at a local non-profit radio station and enjoys mixing drinks as a bartender. She is also an NPR nut and when she isn’t being pretentious about faer music tastes, will often be consumed by the latest prestige television show or queer cartoon. 

Find her on Twitter at @acquiredchaste

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