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Season 2

Meet The Patina

Portrait of Cassidy Shard: Woman with brunette crown braids around head and wearing a green scarf. Holding engraved riffle over left shoulder and left arm is covered in leaf and flower tattoos.

Cassidy Shard

Pronouns: She/Her

Age:  33


Cassidy has always had a case of wanderlust. Roaming the lands with different groups, trying not to stay still for too long, building up stories and scars. Six years ago, she joined up with the Patina, who she’s been with ever since, taking jobs with trusted companions at her side. But in the last year, she's gone from the youngest of the group to the oldest, as the attrition of their dangerous mercenary life caught up to them, and slowly took her friends away. With a new crew around her, the Knight in reserve, and the mantle of authority weighing heavily on her shoulders, she will continue forward. If she can do it without letting those memories get in the way, that is…

Played by Sydney Whittington.

Emma Blackwood

Pronouns: She/Her

Age:  24

Emma was born and raised in the small city of Thunder Bay on the coast of Lake Best. The youngest in a large generation of Blackwoods, Emma has always been the baby of the family and the continued infantilizing by her family as she reached adulthood grew stifling. After a chance encounter and conversation with Pallie, Emma began more seriously pursuing her interest in mechanics as a career in spite of her family's misgivings. When the Patina passed back through town and offered Emma a job, she jumped at the chance to work on such rare technology. It's possible she didn't 100% take the mercenary group aspect into account...

Played by Cameron Robertson.

Portrait of Emma Blackwood: Young woman with brown pixie cut with grease smudge on right cheek. Wearing an orange jacket, black turtle neck, and black gloves and holding a pair of pliers.
Portrait of Birdie Foundling: Young woman with red brown hair worn down in 2 braids winking. Wearing a scoop neck black long sleeve shirt, goggles around neck, backpack, and holding a hocky stick.

Birdie Foundling

Pronouns: She/Her

Age:  24

Birdie is a drifter. After ending up alone as a teenager, she had no choice but to work the systems around her to survive. Being a somewhat meddling social butterfly comes with its perks: having a variety of friends in high and low places, to name one, but it also comes with its own set of difficulties. Perhaps they’re that she’s a bit hard to pin down when it comes to committing to one place or group of people, or that she’s made just as many bad connections as she has good. Though, in such a big world with so much to see and do, she doesn’t have time to dwell on the cons of her lifestyle. Bad things can only catch up to those who let themselves remain idle for too long, and Birdie is a master at running. However, after finding herself stuck with something she can no longer run from, maybe stopping for a bit with a group that calls themselves The Patina wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world… 

Played by Kit Adames.

Marathon Messenger

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 28

Marathon has been having trouble finding her brand. Ice Derby Star? She was at the top of her game but was quickly expelled from the league after a violent altercation. Radio Celebrity? A fine career, but with the hate mail and lack of passion, it’s becoming less and less worth the work.

Treasure Hunter? Now that’s something she can get into. After a mysterious signal reaches Marathon on her radio show promising riches & glory if sought out, she plots a course to find its origin. However, traversing tech-ridden land alone is rarely a good idea, but Marathon is quickly running out of friends and time. She will stop at nothing to find the source of the signal and share its message with the rest of the world. 

She may just have to play the role of mercenary first.

Played by Penn Van Batavia.

Portrait of Marathon Messenger: Young woman with red hair worn in a long mullet with shaved sides. She has numerous scars on her face around her left eye and her left eye has gone gray. Wearing a black turtleneck under a grey button down shirt and a blue jacket detailed with gold. She is smoking a cigarette.
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