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Transcript: Episode 6: One Bad Shot

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

A Knight of Shreds and Patches Transcript

Episode 6: One Bad Shot

Transcript by Cameron Robertson

Note: Zee-o is a synthetic humanoid being and primarily speaks in a robotic, monotone voice.


[hurdy gurdy music begins]

Nick: Welcome, listeners, to A Knight of Shreds and Patches. An immersive actual play podcast. This episode features the talents of -

Drew: Drew Mierzejewski as Wyatt Fisher.

Aly: Aly Grauer as Zee-o.

Cameron: Cameron Robertson as Emma Blackwood.

Sydney: Sydney Whittington as Cassidy Shard.

Nick: Nick Robertson as GM and Narrator.

Sydney: Hello listeners, this is your editor, with today’s messages:

Support Rhi, the voice of Pallie Fisher and the GM of The Magpies Podcast, in her next project! The Kickstarter to fund her new podcast is live now. Currently codenamed Project Bluejay, this Blades in the Dark actual play will leave the standard setting behind and tell a story of crime, power, and desperation in a Roaring Twenties-inspired capital city. Visit to learn more and support the campaign! The link to the Kickstarter can be found in the show notes.

And with that, we wrap up today’s announcements and head into episode 6: One Bad Shot. And so...

Join us, for now our tale to yours attaches

To carry hope: a Knight of Shreds and Patches.

[hurdy gurdy music ends]

[electronic beeping]

[robotic powerup noise begins]

Distorted Robotic Voice: Power restored. Systems online. Reconfiguring audio connection.

[robotic powerup noise fades to radio frequency static]

[over radio]

Sydney (as Cassidy): Last time on Knight of Shreds and Patches, we were on the road again in some snowy woods. We got a cruel reminder of Pallie. There wasn't an ambush on my side of the road so we stopped for lunch, which got announced to the whole woods, had a profound moment and then there was actually an ambush.

[radio static]

Episode Start:

Nick: The sharp ring of the gunshot hangs in the air almost as long as the fragments of bird's nest. You had been taking a brief rest, eating some rations and planning your next move, and drew the attention of someone who has decided to shoot rather than announce themselves. Cassidy, Emma, and Zee-o - you are near the lean-to that Wyatt made by throwing some trees together. There are bits of fallen wood and the remains of some sandwich ingredients. Wyatt you are out on the wide muddy path. The snow glistens around you and you can see the gleam of a weapon scope set back in the forest behind the Patina. Roll for initiative. It's a simple check, no difficulty - you roll Vigilance.

Drew: Wyatt got a single success.

Aly: Zee-o has two successes, four advantages.

Sydney: Cassidy has two successes.

Cameron: And Emma has a success and two advantages.

Nick: Okay, I need you to roll me three green die please, Cameron.

Cameron: Okay.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: One success, three advantages.

Nick: Do it again.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: [laughing] One success, three advantages.

Nick: Nice. And then can you roll me two yellows and a green please?

Cameron: Mm-hm.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: Two successes, one advantage.

Nick: So the way initiative works in this game is that you have player slots and NPC slots. So while you may have rolled the best initiative out of everything, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be the one to act first. As a group, you can decide who goes when. So the order that I have here is: Zee-o had the highest, so that's a player slot. And then someone mysterious had the next highest, so that's an NPC slot. And then we have Cassidy for a player slot, PC slot, two NPC slots, and Wyatt pulling up the rear. So a couple of things to talk about for this system. One, when you roll initiative, if you get any advantages on your roll, you can spend those to change parts of the scene to be advantageous for you. So not a ton of advantages on the PC roles, but Zee-o had four. So if there was something that you wanted to add to the environment, give yourself cover, make visual kind of hard for the enemies, anything like that. Before we get started, you can help build this combat scene a little bit.

Aly: As soon as the bird's nest gets smashed out of Zee-o's hands, they're gonna turn and lunge for Emma to get Emma out of the way and under some kind of cover.

Nick: Okay, so we can spend the advantages to say that there's part of the lean-to where you all have been taking your break has some overhead cover and some thick wood so there's a hidey hole to shove her into if you want to. So the bullet has torn this birdnest into shreds. You all are caught, kind of unaware and you can't really make out numbers or anything at this point, you just know that there are people around you and they are moving closer. And we start with a PC slot.

Aly: Zee-o occasionally experiences, it's like a different software takes the forefront of how Zee-o interfaces with the world. The normal software is more human-ish. It operates at the same speed. It allows Zee-o to act human basically in a physical way. But occasionally something will come up that will trigger a different response and a different interface for Zee-o comes up all together, which puts Zee-o in a position to move wicked fast and to operate on a heightened response level,

This shot rings out and slams the bird's nest apart from Zee-o's fingers in midair and without even turning to look, Zee-o clicks over into this other state and they turn, immediately, and they go from being upright to a lean crouch and they lunge back where they came from, to scoop Emma up in their arms, and almost baseball slide into this hiding spot where there is objective cover from wherever the shot came from. The primary thing that is noticeable from the outside right now, is that Zee-o's eyes which normally glow, pale whitish, bluish, neutral color, they are hot gold right now. It's a molten yellow color, that to anybody else in the Patina who has experienced Zee-o in the state before knows that this is a different version of Zee-o.

Nick: I have a question for you Zee-o. I would say that shoving Emma into a hidey hole is a maneuver, so you could still take an action or move again if you want. Or you could if you're using yourself as a human shield to protect her, that could be what you do with this moment. It's up to you.

Aly: I would propose that Zee-o scoops Emma out of the way, shoves her into this hiding spot, and is physically blocking the open side of this hiding spot, like you said kind of a shield. But instead of moving again, can Zee-o scan the area with robot eyes?

Nick: Sure. Yeah, absolutely. So if you're trying to get a tactical readout on the area, Zee-o, your body is designed to do that for you. So you're not necessarily using your Perception, you're using what you were designed to do. So you have a custom skill called Use Chassis, which is using parts of your systems that are in built and you'll notice you currently don't have any skills put in it, but it is an intellect based skill. So rather than rolling one green for Perception, you're going to be rolling four greens. And this is an average difficulty check as you poke your head up and look around.

Aly: Cool. Four advantages, one failure.

Nick: Oh, okay. So Zee-o, you should be able to at least have made out some of them, but for whatever reason, they are not showing up. What is your interface look like? What do you see, as you look for signs of life.

Aly: I feel like their regular visual interface with the world around them has that kind of, the boxes pop up and little bits of code pop up as they're looking at things in regular color and real time. That's just like part of them analyzing things and trying to figure stuff out in their brain. But I think in this mode that they're in now, it has gone into an infrared format. It's black and gray with outlines. I can see Emma's heat signature and her neon green outline. And I've assigned colors to everybody around their heat signature. Zee-o has assigned to these colors to differentiate people. Strangers don't have the additional color outline, they have just the heat signature or whatever.

So I think what's happening is Zee-o is scanning and looking and seeing the Patina, their signatures. I think they can see these branches are moving, but they can't figure out what's moving them, they cannot see what is moving them. If a squirrel were to run across a branch, they would be able to see the squirrel signature and they could see the squirrel's movement pattern and what's causing the branch to move on like a physics level. But right now they're seeing minimal movement and the movement they are seeing they can't figure out where the origin is. They can't see where the rock was thrown into the pond, for example.

Nick: Because you're not able to make out where they are. Your normal perception isn't working and you find yourself having to focus on that harder.

Aly: And I think they try to reset that scan three times really fast.

Aly (as Zee-o): Recalculating.

Aly: And I want to say that in that moment of them resetting it, they say out loud to Emma.

Aly (as Zee-o): I cannot see them.

Nick: Cool. So you know that there are people out there but you can't quite see them. And up next is an NPC slot. And before they go, Wyatt, I need you to roll a Perception check, please, at hard difficulty.

Drew: It is two successes, and four disadvantages.

Nick: Oh, interesting. you succeed, but you're still surprised. So what happens Wyatt, you're standing in the road you're looking for where this gunfire comes from, and you hear the crunch of snow under heavy boots around you, and you look down and you can see that there are footprints in the snow in a circle. Four sets. But the thing is, you recognize very quickly that these people are using wild tech. They're cloaked in some way your eyes aren't registering and as you think that, you're able to see their outline. Unfortunately, by the time you connect those dots, your fighting instinct already knows that someone is coming at you, and these bandits move to attack. One of them throws a heavy cargo net. It just seems to appear out of midair, and it starts to land over you and tangle you up. Cameron, could you roll me three greens against average difficulty please. And if you could add a blue die to that, please.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: Four successes.

Nick: Okay. So, with four successes, Wyatt these bandits managed to tangle you up. You're going to have two black die on trying to do something as long as this net is tangled with you. They don't completely take you to the ground, you're able to defend yourself, but they really put you through your paces. With four successes, they do nine damage to you, minus your soak.

Drew: So nine minus five is four.

Nick: Mm hmm. So, Wyatt you're tangled in a net. You can't see your assailants except for their footprints and a blurry outline, and they're coming at you. You see the glint of what look like hatchets - frontier axes, flashing as they come towards you. How do you defend yourself as you are hard pressed to do so?

Drew: We see an exchange coming at Wyatt, where we see a distortion of the air around him, as he literally takes a clock, across the face from the butt of a hatchet. And once that happens, we see him settle into a stance. Even though at the last second, as the net was being thrown over him, he put his hands up close to his chest, I feel like he's able to get his knife. So he has his knife close to his chest right now, even though his arms are kind of racked up, and he takes that blow across the face, and then he senses the other blows coming and he moves in such a way, having gotten into this fighter stance, where he's able to dodge back and forth, and we see the camera do that circle around him where like snows being kicked up, and there's a flash of hatchets back and forth, but every time a hatchet goes to a place, Wyatt just isn't there. As he dances his way back and forth. The other thing he's trying to do is he's gonna try to cut the net. I think that's his turn. When it gets to his turn.

Nick: Our next up is a PC slot so -

Drew: If everyone's okay, I'd like to take that PC slot and try to get out of this net. What do I need to roll for that?

Nick: Either I would say Athletics to get out of the neck very quickly, or you could do an attack with your knife to just try and slice out of it really quickly.

Drew: I'm gonna go... a knife.

Nick: Cool. All melee attacks are always two purple unless stated otherwise.

Drew: So this is gonna to be two green, two yellow, a difficulty of two purple and two black because I'm wrapped up in a net.

[dice rolling]

Drew: It is a full triumph and a disadvantage.

Nick: So you're able to easily slice out of the net. It takes you just a second, and you find just the perfect notch in this webbing, where the knife is able to cut cleanly through and you step out of it. So a fun fact about combat against these kinds of foes, you can use a triumph just to defeat one. Would you like to do that?

Drew: Oh, absolutely. So, as we see this tableau of Wyatt dancing back and forth in this literal melee fight between probably several assailants, we see the glint of his knife and we see that he reaches up he cuts his way through the net. He takes off the net, does a turn and throws it into someone who's attacking him at his back, and wraps up that person. We hear the *AUGH* as that person is wrapped up, and we see them fall into the snow and there's an indentation in the snow now and we see feet kicking out of the bottom. And as he continues that turn, he's got the knife in his left hand, he reaches pulls his pistol and comes around, he's got the pistol leveled over his left hand, with the knife in his left hand, and it stops right in the face of one of these guys he pulls the trigger there's a click. And that's his disadvantage is that he's out of ammo with this pistol.

Nick: Yeah. So did you want to just have the guy wrapped up in the net out of the fight or did you want to kill him? I'm curious.

Drew: He is wrapped up out of the fight.

Nick: Okay. And so, you draw your gun, pull the trigger, there's that empty click and you hear the sharp intake of breath under whatever technology is hiding this bandit. The one that was wrapped up in the net, there's an electrical fizzle and you can see what looks like adaptive camouflage sheeting that they had wrapped around them in a kind of poncho. These things, you get just a quick look at them, it's technology you've seen before, it makes people very difficult to see very difficult to track, but you can tell that the equipment of the one that you've managed to disable is barely held together at all. If the person falling over was enough to disable it, this stuff is almost disposable in quality. But, that person is completely tangled up and out of the fight and they hit their head on the way down and don't seem to be moving. We have another PC slot up next.

Sydney: So at the point where the bird's nest shattered, Cassidy dropped immediately, sandwich hit the ground next to her. She was already mentally doing the arithmetic on which way did the birdnest explode that means that the shooter came from this direction. She makes a quick eye contact with Zee-o and just goes,

Sydney (as Cassidy): Did you see him?

Aly (as Zee-o): I cannot see them, Cassidy.

Sydney (as Cassidy): That's bad.

Aly (as Zee-o): Yes, I agree.

Sydney: So, Cassidy, she's actually gonna stand up, kinda crouching, looking for the direction, still playing back in her mind where that bullet would have come from. If Zee-o couldn't locate this enemy that means they're doing something sneaky. But Cassidy's not a stranger to tracking things that don't want to be found in the woods. So, rather than reaching for that old beat up rifle. She flicks the bow out of its quick release harness on her back and this bow is a couple of feet long, light blue composite, it's a compound bow - it's got all of the pulleys and everything. It's got a big sight. There's a logo on the side of it that's a fish in a cog. That's a maker's mark of Pallie.

And she takes this bow and she vaults the log that was laid across that Emma and Zee-o are hiding behind, and runs forward towards the enemy looking for a tree big enough to hide behind and also off of the direct straight line angle to make the shooter have to not give them one sight line to cover everyone involved in this fight, knowing that pretty much everyone out here, even if they're using bullets to open a fight like this, are not gonna have automatic weapons and they're going to at least have to work the bolt, and they're very likely not going to take a quick shot at an unexpected person running across their field of vision when they know where other people are, so she figured she'll be pretty safe if she makes this trek.

Nick: So you are breaking from cover trying to get into the woods at a different angle?

Sydney: Yeah, basically I want to close to medium-ish range on the shooter, looking for a spot where I can get a better read on where they are.

Nick: So I would say, you can get to medium range with him. It's gonna take two maneuvers, so you can either use your action as a maneuver or spend a strain to do a double move.

Sydney: Yeah, I'm going to spend a strain because I want to shoot at them.

Nick: Cool. So I need a Perception check from you after you run across and you are right, they do not take a shot at you. You're moving too quickly and at a weird angle that they don't waste a bullet trying to get lucky.

Sydney: What's the difficulty?

Nick: Hard.

Sydney: Can I have a blue die from having gotten the intel that they're doing something weird cause Zee-o couldn't see them?

Nick: You absolutely can.

Sydney: Okay. So I am rolling two greens, a yellow, three purples and a blue.

[dice rolling]

Sydney: A success and an advantage.

Nick: Nice. So, you baseball slide into some cover on the far side of the road. You've made your way towards the angle of where the rifle shot must have come from and you peek up over this other fallen log, and you're able to see the brief glimmer of a scope, as someone pans a rifle, but you can't see the person. This isn't surprising to you after what Zee-o's told you and you're able to see the slight shimmering outline of somebody hunkered down using a stump to study themselves, and they have some sort of adaptive camouflage. But you can see from the way the leaves are laying against them from the underbrush exactly where they are. And if you want, you can take a shot without any additional difficulty.

Sydney: I would love to.

Nick: Cool medium range is two purples.

[dice rolling]

Sydney: Three successes.

Nick: How much damage does your bow do?

Sydney: Eight... oh plus three is eleven. So, Cassidy behind this fallen log has pinpointed where this sniper is from the scope gleam and the impression that they're leaving in the snow. With a compound bow, the force in the draw comes up front. So, while she's crouched down in coverage she pulls the arrow back, gets it set, takes a deep breath and then stands up out of cover enough to let this arrow fly clear and locks on to where that scope was in her mind's eye, even though there's not a person there, and she looses this arrow and the camera follows the arrow and it's a modern day arrow, it's not a medieval wood and feather fletched, it's a purpose built broadhead combat, kill a guy arrow.

Drew: Oh man, I just had this picture of Cassidy having like in their quiver, yeah, there are some modern arrows but there's some old wooden arrows and there's some arrows made of different materials with different fletchings cause we have to make all of our stuff.

Sydney: Yeah, and I think this is definitely a -

Drew: An important shot so,

Sydney: Yeah, use on people, not on hunting arrow. As it's shooting towards this enemy you can see "kill a guy", written in with surprisingly delicate handwriting in pretty ink.

Nick: Almost calligraphy.

Sydney: Yeah, the camera flicks back to her hip quiver and there's pithy sayings written on each of these arrows in different colored inks.

Nick: So we see this arrow fly straight, and you hear the sound of a carbon steel broadhead striking tempered glass as the arrow pierces through the scope of the rifle. And there is a spray of glass and a flicker of light, and you see a very bony man with long lank hair hunkered down, covering his face where glass has shattered up into him and his cloak shimmers out and looks like just a rat's nest of wires and adaptive fabric. And blood is streaming between his hands, but he is not down.

And up next is an NPC slot, and the group that's going to go is another group of bandits that have actually swung their way around, and are next to Zee-o and Emma. You can't see them, but you all sense that they're there. And these bandits go to just hack at Zee-o with these hatchets. You can't see exactly where they're coming from, but they are just randomly swinging under this log, trying to hit you. And if you could roll me three greens, again, Cameron but a black die because Zee-o is under cover currently.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: Three failures and two advantages.

Nick: Welp. So, with the advantages I think that they pin Zee-o and Emma under this tree by just swinging wildly. It's like in a martial arts film where the main character is pinned down and you can just see the enemy's wailing kind of at random. And so Zee-o you're able to roll in and out of the blows not really take any hits, protect Emma, but getting out of there to do anything is going to be difficult. The thing is to really hits you, they would have to bend down and look under this log and swing and no one wants to put their face near a dark hole with two bad guys in it, uh is their thinking. So they're just kind of like "if we swing our axes." And so what that translates to mechanically is whatever you try to do next you're gonna have a black die on it because you're going to have to go through basically a bad guy blender.

Up next is the final NPC slot. This rifleman with the now shattered scope, shakes his eyes clear of blood and Cassidy your blood freezes for just a second as you lock eyes with him. And he sights down where the scope used to be, shakes his head, aims at you, and pulls the trigger. And I'm gonna need a yellow and two green against average difficulty, but a black die, because his scopes exploded.

Sydney: Can I have an additional black die for the cover of the log?

Nick: Sure.

Sydney: Can I have an additional black die for my armor provides defense but not soak? [laughs] So it's one defense plus one difficulty to spot, but no actual if they make contact, it hurts.

Nick: Okay, then yes. With two black die.

Cameron: Three black die.

Sydney: Cause I blew his scope up.

Nick: Oh yeah. Gosh, this guy is taking a wild shot.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: So scopeless guy got two failures and two advantages.

Nick: So he doesn't hit you Cassady which it's always scary to be shot at, but you are not surprised that he doesn't hit you, you were in cover. Much like with your climbing, you approach combat taking all possible precautions. You don't do anything that is unnecessarily risky cause it really only takes one bad fall, one bad shot to completely change what's going on. The bullet swings wide, but you do get the feeling that he is now compensated for the fact that he's firing without a scope, and if he manages to rack another round, he's going to have your number. And up next is the final PC slot. Emma!

Cameron: So, I am not leaving this log that Zee-o has put me under, just going to stay here. However, to at least participate, I am going to pick up some mud and sling it out of our hidey hole. Is this a ranged light attack with mud?

Nick: Yeah, I guess that would be ranged light.

Cameron: I don't think I'm going to do any damage but we should be able to see them? Would it be one purple with how close they are?

Nick: Yeah, I think it's one purple.

Cameron: Can I have a blue die for aiming my mud? I'm just aiming it out.

Nick: Yes you can have a blue die for aiming your mud.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: Three advantages, and a triumph, but no success.

Nick: Okay. So, you throw a double handful of mud out in a wide spray around you and you were hoping to short out their suits and make them visible and clear some space for Zee-o and they mostly just ignore the mud, it doesn't seem to do much. Except one of the guys directly in front of you, you must have hit a capacitor or something in his technology, because there's a brief zap. [bug zapper noise] The smell of ozone and he falls to the ground twitching, like you've managed to short out the whole rig, and he is at least unconscious. There's a light amount of smoke coming up from it, and that does cause the rest of them to back up slightly. They are very much at the ready, but they're no longer actively swinging at you. So it's a PC slot.

Aly: Can Zee-o tell, how many of them are there in addition to the one that fell to the ground?

Nick: Yes, you can see three sets of footprints, their images are wavy, but it's enough for your telemetry, you can calculate about where they are. This kind of camouflage is really good for ambushing, but once the initial surprise is gone, they're not completely invisible. They're just shimmery, so it doesn't give them a ton of advantage anymore. As you look out from under this log, you see one of your assailants laying on the ground, presumably unconscious. His technology that you now identify as a cloaking poncho is completely shorted out. He has dropped his hatchet into the mud next to his supine form. And there are three other bandits standing around. They're shimmering - they're difficult to nail down exactly where they are but you feel confident that you could attack them if you needed to.

Aly: Zee-o is going to tell Emma,

Aly (as Zee-o): You have to run to the truck. Wyatt's sword is in the truck cab. He needs it.

Cameron (as Emma): Okay.

Aly (as Zee-o): Run to the truck. Grab whatever else you can, but get Wyatt his sword.

Aly: And then Zee is going to lunge forward to grab the hatchet and then just go after these chuckleheads that are standing around.

Nick: Okay, that would be a melee attack at average difficulty. You could also just brawl and not use it; we could use it for flavor if you want that.

Drew: I would say this, if you're going to use brawl, but still have the hatchet, what you're going to do then is you're going to use the length of the hatchet, as a lever to catch people's hands and break them.

Aly: Yeahhh

Drew: And stuff like that. That's what a brawl with that would be. To use it as a melee, is to take the haft of it and actually cut at people.

Aly: Got it. That is what I was kind of thinking actually. Thank you Drew, that does help. So yeah, we're gonna do Brawl then so that's two green and yellow.

Nick: Mh-hm. And it's average difficulty so two purple.

Aly: That's two successes, two threats.

Nick: Okay. So you are quickly up on your feet, you're able to take one of them out. What does that look like?

Aly: So, Zee lunges forward and grabs the hatchet just underneath the metal head of it, kind of holding it backwards to how somebody would normally wield a hatchet. By coming out into the open, they are inviting the others to attack them. So there's a lunge for the hatchet, and then as they're standing up, one of the NPCs is coming for them, they then use the hatchet to strike out in the direction they're not facing, almost like a feint to that side. While then they turn and collide with one of them, and then throw that one into the next one. So I think there's one on one side and then two on the other side, and they are using the hatchet to feint one direction while then throwing the one closest to them into the next one. And they strike out with their hand with the wooden handle, and the handle catches one of the bandits right in the wind pipe, right in the throat. Just a lucky guess really, and that one goes down, gasping.

Nick: Yeah, that one rolls over and is clutching at their throat and very much distracted by the extreme pain that they're in. Up next we have an NPC slot. This riflemen hunkers down behind this stump, locks eyes with Cassidy, takes careful aim [gunshot] and fires.

Sydney: And Cassidy makes this eye contact and tries to duck down, but this tree might not be as sturdy as she's hoping.

Nick: And I'm gonna need a yellow and two green against average difficulty with a blue die for aiming, please.

Cameron: And the same three black die from before?

Nick: Just two black die now.

Cameron: Okay.

[dice rolling]

Cameron: Two successes.

Nick: So, you lock eyes with this riflemen, You start to duck and you feel the punch of a bullet striking home as you take ten damage.

Sydney: Only eight, cause I have a soak of two.

Nick: Okay.

Sydney: Yeah so I think Cassidy ducked down and then this bullet burst through the log where she'd been hiding behind it because this guy had gotten a shot off on her at the same position a second ago and he knows where she was ducking down. And this bullet burst through and it clips the side of her rib cage, leaving a big burning trail and flinging up a bunch of sharp splinters which also hit Cassidy. It's not super damaging the splinters but there's burning specks left in her upper left arm and up into her shoulder. She grimaces and pain, and stays ducked down where she was. She rolls over to the other side of the log, trying not to expose her, my new position. But she is not happy with this set of events.

Nick: And we're up to a PC slot.

Sydney: So Cassidy knows exactly where this guy is. He obviously knows where she is. So she is gonna take a second, playing back in her mind again, where this guy is, which is aiming except without having to stick her head out. And then she's going to, again, nock another - this arrows just labeled "danger", and she pulls it back, rolls sideways out behind the log to appear in a different spot and looks down her bow at this dude and releases the arrow. Okay, uh so this is gonna be my normal ranged light skill plus two difficulty cause I'm at medium range plus a blue die for aiming?

Nick: Yep.

[dice rolling]

Sydney: A success and two advantages.

Nick: And your bow does eight?

Sydney: Yep.

Nick: You kill this guy. Where do you hit him?

Sydney: Center of mass through the heart. This broadhead arrow skips off a rib, and then just goes through. So it's stuck in this dude and he just topples over from the force of the arrow. And that's it, he's ended. That's about as quick of an end as you could hope for.

Nick: Yep, the arrow pierces slightly left on his chest, and he slumps backwards away from the stump he was using as a rifle stand, and you hear the clatter of his gun hitting the ground, and you know he's done.

Sydney: Cassidy - she's leaning against this log. She takes a deep pained breath, and then looks back towards the lunch spot where Zee-o and Emma had been holed up.

Nick: And speaking of that we are to the next PC slot.

Cameron: Right as Cassidy's turning to look at the hidey hole, Emma busts out of it and takes off for the truck.

Nick: Yeah, and so we see Emma, running through the light snow and mud, nimbly dodging around these combatants that were surrounding the log as Zee-o clears the way. We see Cassidy, watching as Emma makes a run for the truck, and Wyatt watching his blurry assailants, as they circle him and he has just his knife.

[hurdy gurdy music swells]


Aly (as Zee-o): End of episode. Commencing end credits. The following information will be placed in the show notes for your added convenience.

This has been A Knight of Shreds and Patches, an actual play podcast using the Genesys game system from Fantasy Flight Games. The show is edited by Sydney Whittington, and features the talents of:

Drew Mierzejewski as Wyatt. Drew can be found on Twitter @worldstoforge and is the showrunner for Skyjacks: Courier’s Call, an all-ages actual play podcast set in the world of Spéir, designed by James D’Amato.

Aly Grauer as Zee-o. Aly can be found on Twitter and Instagram @dreamstobecome. Aly is also a player on and audio editor for Skyjacks: Courier’s Call. You can support both Aly and Drew by joining their Patreon @

Sydney Whittington as Cassidy. Sydney can be found on our Discord server, which is linked in the show notes, and on Twitter @ sydney_whitt.

Cameron Robertson as Emma. Cameron can be found on Twitter @midnightmusic13 and on Instagram @reading_and_dreaming. Cameron is also a player on Tabletop Squadron, a Star Wars Edge of the Empire actual play podcast.

And Nick Robertson as narrator. Nick can be found on Twitter @alias58. Nick is also the GM for Tabletop Squadron, which you can support

This podcast features the musical talents of Dora Violet. You can find Dora at with two Ts.

The official artwork for this podcast was created by Rashed AlAkroka, who can be found on Instagram and Artstation @rashedjrs.

You can follow the Patina on Twitter @akosap_podcast or visit the website:

Until next time…

...Audio Offline.

[hurdy gurdy fades]


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